the espace line is a line where we combine architectural concrete and metal.

This is one of our main industrial lines where we are looking for interesting forms for these two hard materials. This does not mean that our proposals lack lightness, on the contrary, the espace line consists of products that, despite the fact that concrete ones are light, with interesting textures and constitute the spirit of an industrial interior.

We think of concrete and metal as a very harmonious combination for your comfort. Durability, harmony and usability are the main determinants for our designers implemented in this project.

esp une

is the realization of our idea of a round, perfect dining table. The base is modeled on a mountain peak inscribed in the tower plan. The arrangement accuracy of closed chairs with esp01 legs model. An alternative is a comfortable four-arm base as a strong support for the top and comfort in the space under the top with the esp02 model legs or a three-armed base made of more massive profiles for the esp03 model.

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esp deux

it is an emphasis on the interior space and expressive shapes. The legs of this impressive table in our offer are presented in many versions. The base adds character to the top form. Metal, welds and a concrete table top combine strength, durability and elegance. Hand sanded surface, the smoothness of the edges is pleasantly felt under hands completes the aesthetics of this furniture. Concrete as a hard material due to the size of the table top and its performance, gains lightness and at the same time has an expressive shape. This form gives us many opportunities to locate it in space to emphasize it and give it individualism.

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